Where we strive to bridge communication gaps through high quality and innovative linguistic solutions

  • On-Site Interpreting

    An interpreter comes to your office/location and facilitates communication between staff and client. Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting available.

  • Over-the-Phone Interpreting

    A conference call with all participating parties. This could be done anywhere! Great for those who need flexibility. Telephone interpreting is available 24/7 in over 300 languages.

  • Video Remote Interpreting

    We're excited to present our newest service, Video Remote Interpreting! Contact us for more information or to see if this new service is right for you.

  • Document Translation

    Translation of your documents by a highly trained professional; proofed and edited by a second translator to ensure quality and accuracy.

Our Mission

To bridge communication gaps through high quality and innovative linguistic solutions.

Our Vision

To provide exceptional interpreting and translation for service providers and their clients/patients.


Why Us

  • Communication

    Access Language Solutions believes that clear communication is the cornerstone of all human interaction.

  • Quality

    We strive to provide the highest quality interpreting and translation. All of our interpreters are medically trained.

  • Support

    We also believe in supporting the professional interpreter. We do that by providing financial support to linguists entering the profession (scholarship money to take entry-level training) and by negotiating higher hourly pay with nationally-certified medical interpreters.

  • Above and Beyond

    We will work with you to create a plan for effective communication. This is not only what makes us different, but also your best choice for language access.


Access Language Solutions gives back


Medical Interpreter Training

It's important that anyone working as an interpreter have interpreter training.  In Kentucky there are several nationally-recognized programs, ranging from 40-64 hour classes.

Upon completion, you will earn a certificate.  With this certificate and accompanying language proficiency testing you will be considered a qualified interpreter.

ALS gives back by assisting well-qualified individuals in earning a medical interpreter training certificate.


Language Testing

It's important that an interpreter has sufficient proficiency in all language pairs.

Language testing based on ACTFL or ILR standards are essential to proving that you are a qualified interpreter.

ALS gives back by, in most cases, paying for 100% of the cost for these language proficiency exams.


National Certification For Medical Interpreters

Qualified medical interpreters can take their credentials a step further by becoming nationally certified.

This two-step process (written and oral exams) is offered by two entities.

ALS negotiates higher hourly rates for nationally-certified medical interpreter contractors.

For more information on the certification process visit the Kentucky Interpreter and Translator Association.

The work we do through our nonprofit programs helps to improve interpreter and translator standards in Kentucky and beyond.  You can contribute to these programs here and find out how to become a client here.


Our Services

We work with trained/qualified and certified language professional to provide the following to our clients:


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