Annual Report 2021

Directors Statement

As we close out Q1 of 2022, I find myself reminiscing about 2021.

2021 continued to be a year of changes and finding our new normal. ALS continued to make shifts from on-site interpreting to video and phone interpreting as our primary means of assisting the limited-English proficient population.

I have been incredibly impressed with both interpreters and clients as they have made the transition as seamless as possible.

I am so looking forward to what 2022 will bring ALS. I want to personally thank all who have been a part of this amazing journey over the last 5 years. Thank you for the thoughts, prayers, donations, and encouragement. Thank you for helping me continue to provide vital language services to our clients. I am looking forward to having you continue on this journey with me!

Here is to 2022!

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Lynn Fors, our founder and Executive Director, interprets discharge instructions to a family member over the phone during Surgery on Sunday’s November 2021 Surgery Day.

2021 Highlights

ALS’ work closely aligns with the current immigrant and refugee resettlement. In August of 2021, the US began to take in refugees from Afghanistan, increasing the need for professional Dari and Pashto interpreters. ALS began to provide much-needed phone interpreting for immigration, social services, and medical clients.

  • Sept 2021 Dari/Pashto phone interpreter support: 5 calls
  • Oct 2021 Dari/Pashto phone interpreter support:  29 calls
  • Nov 2021 Dari/Pashto phone interpreter  support:: 41 calls
  • Dec 2021 Dari/Pashto phone interpreter support:  82 calls
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Looking ahead to 2022 we plan on continuing support for the Afghan community and the providers who sever them through both phone and newly trained interpreters.

In 2021, Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky continued to support language access for Surgery on Sunday. We thank them for their contribution towards returning health through outpatient surgery.

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