Careers with Access Language Solutions

Are you a highly qualified translator or interpreter looking to be connected to quality clients? We are looking for professionals in their field to connect to our clients with interpreting and translating needs. Fill out the relevant form below.

  • We believe in empowering the language professional we work with by adhering to standards set forth by the Kentucky Interpreter & Translator Association.

  • We assist high-qualified multilingual individuals in achieving entry-level medical/community interpreter training and third-party language testing.

  • Through KITA, our professional association and educational arm, we provide continuing education, networking, and more!


Kentucky Interpreter & Translator Association

KITA serves interpreters, translators, and those who wish to enter the field by providing networking opportunities, continuing education, entry-level training, and more!

Let's work together!

We appreciate your interest in contracting with us. Access Language Solutions only contracts with individuals who have completed an entry-level medical/community interpreter training, are experienced legal interpreters, or are certified court interpreters. If you lack the required training, please refer to this document to start you on your journey.

Please fill out the form below. If your skills match our needs, we will invite you to a 15-minute Zoom call to further discuss. At this time we are focusing on local needs. Trained/Qualified/Certified onsite interpreters will take priority