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Personalized services, rare languages, on-demand remote interpretation & more.

On-Site Interpreting

An interpreter comes to your location and facilitates communication between staff and clients. This is an excellent service for clients who want a personal touch.

  • More sensitive discussions
  • Visual cues make for improved communication
  • One interpreter can cover several appointments
  • Medical/Dental Offices
  • Local Government
  • Social Service Providers
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Law Offices

Remote Services

A conference or video call with all participating parties. This could be done anywhere and is ideal for clients needing flexibility or rare languages support.

  • Quick turnaround
  • Lower cost
  • Affordable as it eliminates travel fees
  • Video provides the third dimension of visual cues
  • Contactless communication
  • On-demand services means no waiting for an interpreter and no minimum charges
  • More options including Indigenous languages from Mexico and Guatemala
  • To make quick phone calls (reminders, change of appointment, etc)
  • In rural locations where there are no qualified interpreters

  • When an interpreter is needed immediately

  • Pre-scheduled rare languages

Document Translation

Translation of your documents by a highly trained professional, proofed and edited by a second translator, to ensure quality and accuracy.

  • For vital documents, it is important to have trained and qualified professionals translating your documents
  • Brochures
  • Legal Documents
  • Medical Care Instructions
  • Forms
  • Websites
  • Manuals
  • Immigration Documents

Our mission is to contribute to positive outcomes by bridging communication gaps through high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative linguistic solutions for the limited-English speaker and the providers who serve them.

Access Language Solution Cares about community.

The work we do through our nonprofit programs helps to improve interpreter and translator standards in Kentucky and beyond.

  • Hands-on personnel who know the industry and partner with you to achieve your goals.

  • Easy to use tools.

  • Transparent pricing. No hidden fees or charges.

  • No client is too small. No minimum usage requirements.

  • All your language needs in one place.

  • Comprehensive on-demand services in over 300 languages.

  • Highly trained interpretation and translation professionals ensure your message is communicated correctly and clearly.


Linguists you can trust

Whether you are looking for on-site or remote services, Access Language Solutions can match you with a highly qualified Interpreter or Translator. Our Interpreters and Translators are specially trained in their field to provide our clients with the highest quality interpretation and translation partners.

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