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This page is for existing clients. If you are not currently an Access Language Solutions client but would like to be, please fill out our brief intake form.

Interpretation Requests

To schedule onsite services, log into your Boostlingo account here or fill out the form in the below Schedule Now button. Email scheduling@accesslanguagesolutions.org or call (859) 545-0950 if services are needed in less than 2 business days. For current clients who need on-demand interpreting, dial (859) 594-7238, enter your PIN, and request language.

Here is a video showing how phone/video interpreting works.

Document Translation Request

If services are needed in less than two business days, email us at translation@accesslanguagesolutions.org or call us at (859) 545-0950. If your request is for proofing or editing of an existing translation, please include the English version. The preferred file format is MSWord. We will send you a quote and get your approval before proceeding.