Bridging Barriers for seamless communication

Our on-site interpreting services are your solution for seamless communication in any language. Our experienced interpreters will ensure effective communication, bridging language barriers and facilitating successful interactions that will meet your needs.

On-site interpreting

Access Language Solutions was founded in 2017 in Lexington, KY.  We soon expanded to cover more areas of the state and now offer services across the U.S. You may need onsite interpreting if your needs include:

1.) A sensitive discussion needing face-to-face services.

2.) Conversations with very young children

3.) Interactions with the hard of hearing


Contact us for On-site Interpreting at:

Medical/Dental/Orthodontic Offices and Clinics

Worker’s Compensation Assignments

Local Government

Social Services Providers


Law Offices

Immigration Clinics


Our Mission

We contribute to positive outcomes by bridging communication gaps through high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative linguistic solutions for the limited-English speaker and the providers who serve them.

Our Vision

To provide exceptional interpreting and translation for service providers and their clients/patients.

Our Values

Problem Solving
Sense of Purpose

Our Goals

To honor our commitments
To deliver results
To be welcomed back by our clients
To empower the professional interpreter and translator
To empower the Multilingual Learner

We Are Honored To Serve

we are proud members of


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