Remembering Bill Fors 

In the early morning hours of November 19, 2021, my dad, Bill Fors, lost his valiant battle with COVID. He spent the last month of his life showing us a tremendous will to live, and we will all miss him terribly. To honor his life in the month of his birth, Access Language Solutions is partnering with the Community Response Coalition of Kentucky to ask for your support for these two Lexington, KY-based non-profits.

I chose CRCKY because of their work to support those affected by COVID, including some friends of mine. Through their financial

support, my friends were able to continue paying their rent and utilities while recovering from the virus. CRCKY was a lifeline when they most needed it.

Funds raised by Access Language Solutions go towards language proficiency exams for those who wish to become interpreters and working interpreters who speak multiple languages. We also subsidize the cost of taking the Core Medical Interpreter Training, a nationally recognized entry-level

class where proven multilingual candidates can earn a 64-hour certificate in medical interpreting. This increases the infrastructure of qualified medical interpreters in the Bluegrass area and beyond. Check out our website.

The Community Response Coalition of Kentucky funds supports immigrant families negatively impacted by immigration issues. CRCKY provides direct assistance to clients and referrals to other agencies as needed. They help clients pay rent and utilities, make sure no immigrant goes hungry by delivering food to those who are quarantined or otherwise unable to obtain food on their own, refer clients to reputable legal services, and do whatever else is needed to make sure no immigrant falls through the cracks. CRCKY believes – as we do – that all immigrants should have the right to communicate in whatever language they are most comfortable speaking in. As mentioned above, they have been going above and beyond in supporting the community during the worst of COVID. For more information, visit their website.

As you can imagine, providing these services requires a certain amount of interpreting. ALS is proud to provide CRCKY with over-the-phone on-demand interpreting in multiple languages.

If you are not currently a client but want to know more about affordable access to professional interpreting, contact us or schedule a call

Help Support ALS in Memory of my dad, Bill Fors.

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